Read the latest news from and about the Duke Division of Infectious Diseases.

News from Duke 

Duke study finds one in three patients with bloodstream infections given inappropriate therapy

Duke study shows young, unvaccinated adults account for most severe flu cases

Anderson counsels football team on MRSA cases

Nature paper shows diet can quickly shift microbial makeup in the gut

Genomic test accurately sorts viral vs. bacterial infections

Fowler to co-lead network that will address antibacterial resistance

Infectious Diseases faculty lead new hospital antibiotic stewardship initiatives

Perfect awarded an endowed professorship

Infectious Diseases instructor receives global health travel grant

Duke monitoring Avian Flu in China

Hospitals fail to take simple measures to thwart deadly infection, survey says

Researchers find potential map to more effective HIV vaccine

In-depth: Studying Genetic Variation Gives Clues to Human Susceptibility to Infection

Duke CME Receives Grants to Help Bridge Gaps in Cancer and HIV Care

Serendipity Contributes to MRSA Susceptibility Findings

Duke Doctor Has "Once in a Lifetime" Experience

Procedure Type May Increase Risk of Post-Surgical Staph Infections

Bacterial Infections a Common Cause of Illness, Death in Africa

Technology-Based Hand Hygiene Monitoring Improves Compliance at Duke Hospital

Final Report Confirms A Cluster of Oseltamivir (Tamiflu)-Resistant H1N1 Influenza at Duke Hospital

New Superbug Surpasses MRSA Infection Rates in Community Hospitals

Early Test for a Killer of the Sickest

MRSA Leads to Worse Outcomes, Staggering Expenses for Surgical Patients

Duke University School of Medicine Names New Chair of Medicine

Tests Show No Further Cases of Oseltamivir-Resistant H1N1 at Duke University Hospital

CDC Confirms Four New Cases of Oseltamivir (Tamiflu)-Resistant H1N1 

Duke Awarded Federal Contract to Support Clinical Research on Antibacterial Resistance

In The News

Gene Discovery Could Explain Why Some Get MRSA (Ivanhoe)

The Next Generation of Drug Resistance (AOL Health)

Staph Infection Risk Rises with Brain, Chest Surgeries (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Staying Committed to Haiti (The News and Observer)

Immune System Could Be Used to Test for TB (Reuters)

Restore an AIDS Lifeline (The News and Observer)

Clinical and Fiscal Costs of MRSA infections (MSN)

Drug-resistant H1N1 at Duke (The Herald Sun)

Emergence of Clostridium difficile and surpassing MRSA infection in Community Hospitals in the Southeast (NY Times)

NFL Battling Staph Well (USA Today)

Ongoing War on Antibiotic Resistance (PDF; 1.31 MB; Science Magazine)


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